Our Services

We offer carrying services by Tank Lorry & Oil Tanker both Road Way and River Way

Fuel Carrying

The Best Petroleum Carrying Service According to Your Desire

We are the 1st class Fuel Oil Carrying Contractor in Bangladesh. Mostly we carry Fuel like  Diesel Oil (HSD) & other Petroleum related items by Road & River way. We provide our best services to our clients. We offer best Deal (Quotation) as we have  our own Tank Lorry & Oil Tanker for carrying.

Fuel Supply

If You are Looking for a Trusted Fuel Supplier You Reached the Right Place

We have 33+ years of Fuel supplying experience, we are one of the renown Fuel Transport Companies in Bangladesh. There is nothing in this field that we do not know, we are a Private Company Limited. We do provide appropriate rate to our clients for our supply services. 

Supply with Carrying

When You Need Everything from One Place

We do Fuel supply and carry both, if you want us to do all the procedure in favor of your company; we take all the necessery responsibilities to loading from depot and unloading at your project under negotiation.


In Case of Financial Transection You Can Pay for Our Services by Many Way

We accept Account Pay Cheque, Cash, RTGS or other way can be applicable under negotiation.


If You Need Secure Transportation a Supervisor is Must Have for That

A supervisor make sure that how much Fuel Quantity you are getting at your project site and during that trip period he will be the responsible one who will do all the procedure for Fuel Transportation.